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Development prospect of valve industry

AddDate: 2021/1/5
       Valve is widely used in fluid control system, which has the functions of cut-off, shunt, anti reverse flow, regulation, pressure control and so on. From the initial single function of switch closure to the current automatic control system, remote control system and so on, it is used in water, electricity, gas and other industries in different media, such as corrosive media such as petrochemical, and there are more and more types of valves Such as gate valve, ball valve, globe valve, safety valve, check valve, regulating valve, plug valve, pressure reducing valve, diaphragm valve, butterfly valve, etc.

With the rapid development of China s economy and the global market after China s accession to the WTO, the domestic valve industry has developed rapidly. According to relevant research data, the number of valve manufacturers in China ranks first in the world, becoming the largest pump valve manufacturer in the world. With the construction of South-to-North Water Diversion, West to East power transmission and west to east gas transmission projects, electric power, petrochemical industry and urban construction, the demand for valves in the domestic market is increasing.

Nowadays, the industrialization of remote control and intelligent control will have a better prospect in the future.
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