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Use and installation of common valves and precautions

AddDate: 2020/12/24

1. Construction personnel should have relevant skills, and carefully check whether the valve meets the requirements of actual use before installation;

2. Before installation, the surface of the product should be checked to be in good condition without bumping, and the inner cavity should be free of foreign matters. If there are foreign matters, remove them in time, and check whether the bolts and material lock nuts are tightened;

3. The installation site shall be carried out under the conditions of convenient operation and subsequent maintenance.

4. After installation, regularly check and make phase records, timely remove the dirt left in the valve cavity, and check whether the bolts and compression nuts of each part are loose.

The following items should be noted during installation:

1. Before installation, pay attention to observe whether the pipelines at both ends of the valve are straight, and do not force installation when the position is not right, so as to avoid causing stress damage to the valve and increasing unnecessary trouble in the follow-up;

2. Before the valve is installed, the opening and closing test shall be conducted, and the operation shall be flexible without jamming. During the installation, it is forbidden to strike the valve body with all heavy objects, and the force shall be controlled to avoid damage to the valve body caused by excessive force;

3. After the installation, open and close the valve again to confirm that the valve is not jammed during the installation process, clean up irrelevant items on the site, mark them, and wait for the centralized pressure test of the pipeline.

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